Easy Accounting with Business Apps

Mobile Financing

As much as possible, even long-time business owners would want to avoid accounting because of its complexity and dull nature. Accounting firms though, such as VJNassociates, advise against it, considering how important numbers are to business. Perhaps there’s another way to make things easier, especially for the new entrepreneur?

Make Way Smart Apps

Mobile applications are nothing new since the introduction of smartphones in the market. These days, there are apps for practically everything under the sun: from entertaining games to reading aids – and business accounting. Having a free accounting software on the desktop is a basic though; but getting these helpful apps on an iPhone, tablet, or Android would make any business owner’s life simpler.

Remember though, that there’s still no substitute for hiring professionals in the field. These are simply tools to assist an entrepreneur with accounting basics. Nothing beats a human-to-human interaction to fully grasp accounting principles.


The mobile application of Quickbooks is a beautiful extension to its desktop counterpart. It’s been around longer than most apps when it comes to cloud accounting, and it’s technology is backed up by a leading developer in tax software (Intuit). With Quickbooks, entrepreneurs can easily track payments, create estimates, and manage bills. The mobile version will let a user view and update customer information; set up company files and taxes; as well as create, update and attach receipts plus more. They also provide a 30-day free trial version, but a full subscription will contain more value and features.


A free finance app that lets a user effortlessly manage his finances. It’s a safe app that securely connects accounts such as savings or credit cards. Good for tracking expenses and organizing them into easy-to-read graphs; keeping them configured yet understandable for the busy entrepreneur on the go. Aside from spending, Mint can track budgets, provide reminders for bills and payments, and allows for finance management even when offline. And if the average business owner can be this organized with his cash, he can focus more on other transactions.


One of the most important things in accounting are receipts – lose one and it could mean big trouble. With this mobile app, keeping everything in one neat place is as easy as taking a photo. Simply take a snapshot on a receipt or invoice, and let Shoeboxed do the rest. It can convert an image into an accurate expense report by extracting important data such as vendor names and payment amount; ready to be recorded or archived for future use. It’s very user-friendly, and users can easily find what they’re looking for – no need to keep paper invoices that can get lost along the way. Perfect for small business owners who travel a lot.

Business Apps

These mobile applications are good to have around because it can definitely save time as well as money when it comes to dealing with a huge bunch of data. Just be sure to contact a skilled accountant to handle everything else; because no app can ever replace professional advice.


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